Sacramento River Salmon Fishing Guides

Sacramento River Salmon Fishing Guides Dave Jacobs displays a Sacramento River salmon caught by another happy client prior to May 2020.

May 2020 Sacramento River salmon fishing guides

The Sacramento River is currently in prime fishing conditions for many different species of fish, be it wild rainbow trout in Redding California or striped bass in Colusa California. The 2020 Sacreamento RIver salmon fishing season is just a little over a month away from opening to California’s best in river salmon fishing as reported by Sacramento River salmon fishing guide Dave Jacobs.

2020 Sacramento River salmon fishing regulations

The Sacramento River will be open to a full extended salmon fishing season starting on July 16, 2020. There will be a daily bag limit of two large adult salmon per person with a possesion limit of four king salmon in possesion. Another addition worth noting is that the season will remain open beyond the traditional December 16th closing date to December 31, 2020! This extended opener will be permitted above the Red Bluff Diversion Dam in Red Bluff, California up to the Deschutes Bridge in Anderson California.

Probably one of the biggest announcements to be made about this years salmon fishing regulations is the daily limit increase over on the Feather River. Anglers will be allowed (3) three king salmon per day through October 31, 2020.

Sacramento River fishing guide Dave Jacobs of Professional Guide Service guides thousands of clients to the best king salmon fishing destinations on the West Coast.