Feather River

Another notable king salmon fishery that salmon fishing guide Dave Jacobs offers salmon fishing trips on is a tributary to the Sacramento River, The Feather River. This is a short river that feeds into the Sacramento River at Verona California. The Feather River hosts a strong run of Spring king salmon and Fall king salmon that can be found from Oroville, California all the way to its mouth at Verona. Only the Fall king salmon are open to fish for at this time. They too can average in size from 18 to 24 pounds and salmon in the 30 and 40 pound class are caught and weighed in every year. This river also has a strong run of anadromous fish like Chinook salmon, American shad, striped bass, sturgeon and steelhead. Todays Feather River fishing report is courtesy of Feather River fishing guide Dave Jacobs.