Sacramento River salmon fishing 9-29-2018

This Sacramento River salmon fishing 9-29-2018 report is courtesy of Dave Jacobs Professional Guide Service.

Sacramento River salmon fishing.

The Sacramento River Fall salmon run is reaching its peak this week.  There are the most king salmon in the Sacramento River at this time with much of the run moving upriver into the Barge Hole.  Salmon fishermen out of Balls Ferry and Jellys Ferry are reporting easy salmon fishing with boat limits on king salmon 6 to 25 pounds.  Both the lure and roe bite has improved with the arrival of larger king salmon towards the Coleman National Fish Hatchery above the famous Barge Hole.  Back bouncing fresh sardine wrapped plugs like the Brad’s KF-16 Killerfish plug or cured roe/puffball combos are producing the most strikes.  There are a few salmon still being caught downriver above Chico drifting roe/puffball combos but here the number of salmon have dropped as most salmon have moved upriver towards the Barge Hole.  Salmon fishing here should be spectacular  for the rest of September through mid October. Trout and steelhead fishing is picking up and should be fantastic in October as Sacramento River king salmon begin to spawn in river. The best trout and steelhead fishing is from Redding all the way downriver towards the Jellys Ferry Bridge.

Feather River salmon fishing.

Salmon fishing on the Feather river is peaking and the salmon season here is nearing the end as its closure is closing in.  The Feather River will remain open to king salmon fishing through October 15th.  There is the best salmon fishing of the season happening in and around the Feather River Outlet Hole below Oroville California.  There has been a very good lure bite and roe bite happening this week with king salmon coming in from 6 to 28 pounds daily.  Anglers fishing in the Outlet Hole should expect larger crowds like the Barge Hole but boat limits are the norm now.  Bank anglers are also doing very well drifting from the shore this week as well.

Trinity River salmon and steelhead fishing.

The salmon fishing down on the Klamath River has been fantastic this month with many Fall run king salmon moving upriver into the Trinity River.  There is a mix of both king salmon and steelhead in the lower Trinity River with good salmon fishing happening from Douglas City downriver through Del Loma.  There is excellent boat and bank fishing access here for anglers drifting roe/puffball combos for king salmon 6 to 15 pounds on average.  The occasional king salmon 16 to 22 pounds are hooked and landed but many salmon here are smaller kings that make it up from the lower Trinity River.  Flows are the lowest of the season now making for great wading access to many of the good holding waters for both salmon and steelhead.  Both hatchery and wild steelhead are in with peak steelhead fishing happening in October and November from Lewiston through Del Loma.

This weeks Sacramento, Feather and Trinity Rivers salmon and steelhead fishing report is courtesy of Dave Jacobs Professional Guide Service.  For more local river fishing information or to book a salmon/steelhead fishing trip, call guide Dave Jacobs direct at 1 (530)646-9110 or visit

pictured this week is Brad Clearwater from Ione California with large 22 pound king salmon he caught using a sardine wrapped Brads Killerfish plug while out with Dave Jacobs Professional Guide Service this week.

Read on for more Sacramento River salmon fishing reports you may have missed.

Sacramento River salmon fishing 9-18-2018.

The Fall king salmon run on the Sacramento River has been going great this past week.  There has been a mixed bag of both small jack salmon and large adult salmon recently.  The best bet this week has been either dragging roe/puffball combos downriver or getting above salmon holding water and back bouncing the same roe/puffball combos.  The plug bite has been slow this week but could get hot any day as some of the large 20 to 30 pound kings are getting some color.  Salmon are now throughout the entire system from Anderson Balls Ferry downriver through Colusa California.  The remainder of September and October are shaping up to be very good on the Sacramento River.

Feather River salmon fishing.

The salmon fishing over on the Feather River near Oroville California has really heated up this week especially in and around the Outlet Hole.  Both bank and boat anglers are scoring limits on salmon 12 to 20 pounds on sardine wrapped lures or roe/puffball combos.  The salmon fishing has been best from the Outlet Hole downriver through Gridley Ca.  Salmon fishing on the Feather River should remain good through the closure date of October 15th.

Trinity River salmon fishing.

The Trinity River below Lewiston California is beginning to see the arrival of the Fall salmon as they migrate up from the Klamath River.  The king salmon on the Trinity River have ranged from 6 pounds up to 18 plus pounds.  The Fall king salmon run on the Trinity is looking to be very good in October as large groups of salmon are being caught down on the lower Klamath.  Anglers can also expect to catch some steelhead now on the Trinity River while salmon fishing.

Salmon fishing on the Sacramento River is as good as it gets now.  The salmon continue to show daily in the mid teens to high twenty pound class.  Anglers are catching limits of kings salmon drifting cured roe/puffball combos on light spinning gear.  The flows and water temperatures on the Sacramento River are perfect this month for catching many king salmon as reported by Sacramento River salmon fishing guide Dave Jacobs.  The upper Sacramento River near the Barge Hole is heating up this week with lists of king salmon being caught there as well.  Launching out of Anderson Balls Ferry or out of Jellys Ferry are your best bets for excellent king salmon fishing in the canyon of the Sacramento River near Bend Bridge.  Salmon have been migrating upriver for weeks now and catchable numbers of king salmon are here for everyone to easily catch salmon.

Pictured today are sisters Lashae and Nichole Muriezcurrenna from Fallon and Reno Nevada with one of the many king salmon caught that day with Dave Jacobs Professional Guide Service.

Call guide Dave Jacobs at 1 (530)646-9110 to book your own Sacramento River salmon fishing vacation for all sized groups.  Below is more information you may have missed this season.

Salmon fishing on the Sacramento River is now open and salmon fishing is getting better everyday.  With the upper Sacramento River now open through the Barge Hole towards Redding California, salmon fishing is happening  throughout the Sacramento River.  Salmon have come in this week in Hamilton City, Red Bluff and Anderson Balls Ferry as reported by Sacramento River salmon fishing guide Dave Jacobs.  The salmon season will only improve now through mid August al the way through mid October as more and more king salmon move upriver.  Best bets this week has been back bouncing sardine wrapped kwikfish in k-15 and k-16 sizes or back bouncing roe/puffball combos through the king salmon holding waters.  Many salmon have been averaging 15 to 22 pounds with very few small salmon mixed in.  These early season salmon are hard fighting and very fresh making them a great choice to fillet and take home.

The Sacramento River 2018 king salmon fishing season continues to build as the salmon bite heats up daily.  The size and numbers of king salmon moving up the Sacramento River now have not been seen in many years as reported by Sacramento River salmon fishing guide Dave Jacobs.  Large king salmon, some up to 30 pounds, have come in this week on sardine wrapped plugs and back bouncing roe/puffball combos.  Most of the salmon are moving steadily upriver and are chrome bright and very hard fighters this week.  Several double hook ups have been happening as well with most of the kings being seen from Colusa California upriver through the Barge Hole located just below the hatchery.  August always consistently builds with more and more salmon arriving everyday with September being a very good month to come catch limits of Sacramento River king salmon, most averaging 15 to 22 pounds so far and larger salmon 30 to even 40 pounds a real possibility.  This year anglers visiting the Sacramento River in Northern California can enjoy a full salmon fishing season through December 16, 2018.  Each angler is allowed a two salmon in possession limit which is different from the Sacramento River daily bag limit.  See California Department of Fish and Wildlife website for 2018 Sacramento River daily salmon bag limits on the Sacramento River.

The peak of the Fall run of king salmon are beginning to show in big numbers now as this months full moon cycles.  The best salmon fishing of the season is happening now as the Sacramento River is loading up with chrome bright king salmon and salmon fishing looks to be fantastic  in September.  There was a small group of mostly small king salmon moving through this week but at the time of this report larger 18 to 22 pound kings are moving upriver.  Best bets are drifting roe/puffball combos or back bouncing roe.  Back trolling sardine wrapped lures has been slow this week but as the kings are in the river longer the lure bite will certainly take off again. August has definitely not disappointed this year as large hard fighting king salmon have been caught daily from Red Bluff all the way downriver through Verona.  This next big wave of salmon moving upriver will provide anglers with salmon the the Sacramento River is known for.  There has been a few larger salmon caught this week over the 30 pound class as the one pictured here today.  The Barge Hole near Anderson Balls Ferry is fishing better everyday now as reported by Sacramento River salmon fishing guide Dave Jacobs.  Anglers looking to get away from the crowds have been able todo so this month as many boaters have spread out throughout the Sacramento River from Colusa, Los Molinos and Jellys Ferry just to name a few.

If you are looking to escape the Sacramento Valley heat and cool off take a look at the Klamath River of Highway 101 on the coast.  The Klamath River at its mouth has been fishing very good this past week as king salmon and steelhead leave its mouth and head upriver for the Fall spawn.  Drifting roe/puffball combos through the productive riffles as salmon move upriver works best.  Bank anglers are scoring on king salmon at the mouth of the Klamath River and at the Klamath Glen riffle in the mornings.  Boaters are scoring good salmon drifting in popular riffles like Cleveland, Brooks, Blakes and Starwin just to name a few.  The best water this past week has been mostly located below Blue Creek as it provides the lower Klamath with cooler water for salmon making their way upriver.  Most salmon have averaged 8 to 15 pounds this week with a few larger salmon 16 to 20 pounds mixed in.

Here is some Sacramento River information by salmon fishing guide Dave Jacobs of Professional Guide Service.

The Sacramento River located in Northern California host some of the West’s coast most impressive anadromous fish runs. Sacramento River salmon fishing guide Dave Jacobs guides his clients to them all. The Sacramento River is one of the only rivers in the world that hosts four recognizable runs of king salmon, the Winter run Chinook, the Spring run Chinook, the Fall run Chinook and the Late Fall run Chinook salmon. There is literally a king salmon returning to the Sacramento River all 12 months of the year. Only two runs, the Fall run and the Late Fall run king salmon can be fished for from mid July through mid December. The Sacramento River is the second largest Chinook salmon producer on the West Coast, second only to the Columbia River. The Sacramento River offers anglers opportunities to hook and land king salmon that average 18 to 24 pounds with countless salmon weighed in over 30 pounds and even king salmon 40 and 50 pounds every year. One of the Sacramento Rivers claim to fame is that the current California State Record Chinook salmon was caught here, a 88 pound king salmon!

You and your guests will fish the very waters and very salmon fishing techniques that were used to catch the 88 pound king salmon with Sacramento River salmon fishing guide Dave Jacobs. Some of the most productive techniques will be experienced on your trip with us including back bouncing roe, drifting roe,and the famed back bouncing of sardine wrapped kwikfish or flatfish style plugs.

King salmon can be found on the Sacramento River near many towns or cities along the way. Locations like Redding, Anderson, Anderson Balls Ferry, Cottonwood, Jellys Ferry, Bend, Red Bluff, Los Molinos, Woodson Bridge, Corning, Hamilton City, Chico, Ord Bend, Ord Ferry, Butte City, Princeton, Colusa, Meridian, Grimes, Tisdale, Knights Landing, Verona and Sacramento California.

King or Chinook salmon are also found on a variety of other rivers that we fish in Southern Oregon and Northern California. We guide clients onto king salmon not only on the Sacramento River, but also the Feather River, Trinity River, Klamath River, Smith River, Chetco River, Elk River, Sixes River and the Rogue River.








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