Sacramento River salmon fishing reports.

Sacramento River salmon fishing reports are courtesy of Dave Jacobs Professional Guide Service.  Here on the Sacramento River, a mix of new fresh king salmon and a few riper kings have trickled through daily.  Many different sections of the Sacramento River have good fishing one day and slower the next. It has been very hard to continue to stay on large groups of salmon because the schools are smaller and spread out.   There is better salmon fishing happening from the top at the Barge Hole downriver through Chico now. Rolling salmon are becoming a little more common unlike earlier in July, August and early September.   Many of the female kings we have seen for the last few weeks are very immature in spawning terms and the egg skeins are small and tight.  Most are representative of the salmon eggs and bright kings we see in mid August. There is no doubt that this run has been late.  It is also very obvious that the salmon run on the Sacramento River is below average and the groups of salmon are spread out throughout the Sacramento River.  There are kings continuing to come in low near the salt and the Feather River near Oroville has been very good for the last week.  Most of the king salmon that we have seen over on the Sacramento River have been large three and four year old returning king salmon. Catching a 20 or 30 pound king salmon has been the proof this past week that these are the three and four year olds.  Very few of the two year old salmon have yet to show in the upper river as reported by Sacramento River salmon fishing guide Dave Jacobs.  Jack salmon are far and few between but that could change in the coming weeks as we saw many jack salmon return last season late in October.

salmon fishing reports for the Sacramento River.

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Professional Guide Dave Jacobs is licensed to operate in both California and Oregon. Dave Jacobs is a licensed guide with The California Department of Fish and Wildlife as well as a current licensed Oregon guide registered with The Oregon State Marine Board. Guide Dave Jacobs is also licensed to operate in the Rogue/Siskiyou National Forest on the upper Chetco River in Oregon, licensed to operate in the Six Rivers National Forest on The Smith River, Klamath River, Trinity River and South Fork Trinity River. Guide Dave Jacobs is also licensed with the Bureau of Land Management to operate on the upper Trinity River from Lewiston California downriver to Grays Falls on the Trinity River. Guide Dave Jacobs also holds a Merchant Mariner Credential with The U.S. Coast Guard and is certified in both CPR and First Aid. We are an equal opportunity provider.

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