Sacramento River sturgeon fishing March 11, 2015.

With Spring just around the corner, the “March Madness” has begun for us on many of our Northern California lakes and rivers.  With the Sacramento and Delta sturgeon run in full stride and the beginnings of the Spring striper migration to spawn in our rivers,  just these two runs are plenty to keep a guy busy through May!  Not to mention Spring salmon runs on the Klamath-Trinity Rivers, Spring salmon runs on the Rogue River and countless bass  pre-spawns taking place in our lakes, how does a guy decide what to do?  I go through this every Spring and let me tell you, it hasn’t changed a bit, I still find myself chasing all these runs to the best of my ability and I truly feel for those of you just experiencing it for the first time!  Add the Internet, Facebook, weekly fishing news papers into the equation and……well, good luck.  One thing I can assure you with….it will pass!  You all will make it through the where, what and when to go madness that is inevitable.  Before you know it it will be Summertime, triple digit temps and….the start of the Fall salmon runs!  Here is a quick rundown of a few good fisheries for you to shoot for right now!

Sacramento River sturgeon fishing

Currently sturgeon have invaded the Sacramento River from Butte City through Knights Landing.  The best bites are happening in the early evenings and at night when they roam to feed.  A variety of cut baits fished from anchor are working best.  Sturgeon feed on what is available to them at different times and locations.  Good bets are always good ghost shrimp/pile worm combos or sardines and lamprey eels.  The eels are hearty baits that only sturgeon will touch and they are good baits to re-soak and re-use. The sturgeon bite further South in the delta has been fantastic for small shaker size, keeper size and oversized whites.  There seem to be plenty of sturgeon around to choose from and the bites have been happening daily.

There are a few stripers in the Sacramento and Feather Rivers but the bulk of the run will show starting in early April.  There are stripers staging in the Delta at this time getting ready for the upriver spawn.  The Sacramento and Feather Rivers are very low and should be given the utmost respect when boating.  There are submerged gravel/sand bars and debris with no warnings, so exercise extreme caution when boating these rivers when levels are this low!

Sacramento River rainbow trout, Redding, Ca.

The river conditions are very low in Redding but the river color has improved giving anglers a excellent opportunity at wild rainbow trout one to three pounds.  The drift boats are a very good option now with flows this low.  Both conventional and fly fishermen are doing considerably better with the improved river color drifting various egg color combos for wild bows from Redding to Red Bluff. Here too, flows are low and boaters should exercise extreme caution when boating here!

Pictured is Ron Friesen from Fresno with a caught and released white sturgeon while aboard The Legal Limit.  photo courtesy of Dave Jacobs Professional Guide Service.

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Professional Guide Dave Jacobs is licensed to operate in both California and Oregon. Dave Jacobs is a licensed guide with The California Department of Fish and Wildlife as well as a current licensed Oregon guide registered with The Oregon State Marine Board. Guide Dave Jacobs is also licensed to operate in the Rogue/Siskiyou National Forest on the upper Chetco River in Oregon, licensed to operate in the Six Rivers National Forest on The Smith River, Klamath River, Trinity River and South Fork Trinity River. Guide Dave Jacobs is also licensed with the Bureau of Land Management to operate on the upper Trinity River from Lewiston California downriver to Grays Falls on the Trinity River. Guide Dave Jacobs also holds a Merchant Mariner Credential with The U.S. Coast Guard and is certified in both CPR and First Aid. We are an equal opportunity provider.

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